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About Us

Issac Technologies is a growing IT service solution provider that offers a slew of technological solutions for banks. There is a recent drive to modernize and regularize the banking industry to make it more agile and timely. The banks have jumped on the bandwagon to implement an integrated core banking environment. Issac Technologies comes into the picture at this juncture as we help banks in transiting from traditional banking environment to modern banking platform.

Who we are

Adjudging the demand gap for advanced level banking applications in the current market, Issac Technologies ventured into the market to provide the latest technological solutions to banks at competitive rates. The idea was to empower mid-size banks with technological advancements to make them more self-sufficient and customer-oriented.

We embarked upon this journey eight years ago in 2006. Offering a range of IT solutions including software development, support and integration is our forte. Our objective is to allow mid-size banks to coup the power of technological advancements to become self-sufficient and customer centric. Our product suite comprises modular and highly parameterize core banking solution for mid-size banks and comprehensive channel manager. Along with, we also have built a strong team to offer ancillary services such as system integration and support to become end-to-end solution provider for our clients.

Our clients are our inspiration and the force that nudges us to continuously innovate and improvise. We focus at offering bespoke solution that would fit into their business model seamlessly.

Issac Technologies is a strong team with talents sourced from the leading educational institutions of the country. We believe that only qualification and experience should be the criteria of selection of candidates.

Why Issac Is Your Best Choice

Issac is a clear leader in the domain with an expanding global client base. Digitization of banks is gaining pace with increased penetration of internet enabled devices. Modern customers are finding it easier and convenient to be able to access their banks from anywhere, anytime. Issac with its diverse suite of banking software portfolio is helping banks to streamline their business process through CBS implementation, omnichannel banking and BI introduction.

Working in collaboration with our clients, helping them understand and meet their ultimate business goal is our business philosophy. And to achieve it, we implement the best innovations, latest technologies and a team of experts with diverse industry knowledge. Our products are designed keeping a futuristic view of global banking in mind. We, therefore, roll-out ready to use, custom build enterprise applications. The support of our disparate team, comprising both banking professionals and software developers, has remained our strength and we always look out for young talents capable of thinking out-of-box.

Our solutions are targeted for mid-tier banks that are more likely to face a threat of extinction from large competition. These are budget strapped and have less freedom in terms of IT implementation. But we help them meet challenges by designing bespoke solutions.

If customer-centric is your primary business goal then we can help you in meeting your target.

To make customers happy by providing best-in-class business solutions delivered with best-in-class services.

To be the most preferred Software Development Company in Banking Financial Service and Insurance (BFSI) Industries.

We are committed to provide Information Technology (IT) enabled services to fulfill all our customer's business requirements through:

  • Effective and timely implementation of Quality Management System
  • Effective resource management
  • Continuously improving and upgrading our products to suit the changing dynamics and demographics of the market
  • Effective operation management with desired productivity through proper integration of all functional areas and processes