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Technology in banking industry is a necessary expense and more often than not, the cost inflates to make it an expensive affair. Banks today are looking for technical solution that is customizable to fit into their existing business practices and is also platform independent and adaptive. Issac Technologies has understood the requirement to design a suite of user friendly, nimble and responsive banking applications that can be customized without trouble to adapt to the existing business environment of the client. When we say client, we mean our disparate client base of financial institutions from different segments. WiseBank Enterprise, which we propose to our clients, is a CBS application that supports multichannel compatibility. It is designed in a way that implementation demands minimum adjustment to the existing business environment of the client. It is a competitive product and scalable as your business requirements grow.

We aim at offering targeted solution according to your business needs. Given below is a careful categorization of what we offer to our disparate client-base.

Wisebank Enterprise for Global Retail Banks

The scope of a large bank extends from catering to individual customers, to large corporate, to government organizations, and foreign agencies. In global financial context the role of a large commercial bank is precisely defined and it naturally belongs to the highest strata. Activity of a large bank is therefore comprehensive and complex at the same time and hence, the following are the solutions that we offer through WiseBank Enterprise for retail banks.

  • Core banking solution- centralization of decentralized branches
  • Integration to current IT environment and application suite
  • Consolidated dashboard for business performance analysis
  • Multi-currency solution for banks involved in foreign exchange transactions
  • Trade finance module
  • Self-service banking and integration to channel managers
  • Analytics and reports
  • Compliance and AML/KYC compatibility to maintain transparency at each level
Wisebank Enterprise for Co-operative banks

The dearth of a comprehensive core banking solution for co-operative banks became apparent during RBI's drive to implement CBS. Most large vendors pushed a stripped down or a leaner version of their enterprise CBS systems which failed to address the issues at the core. WiseBank Enterprise for cooperative banks is designed from the scratch to focus on the intrinsic challenges faced by the cooperative banks. Moreover, the solution is designed to reduce vendor dependency and streamlining IT management process.

Wisebank Enterprise for cooperative banks is feature rich with nimble and scalable architecture to adapt to changing situations.

  • Meets unique banking requirements of rural and urban areas built on in-depth understanding of rural economy
  • Core banking solution to unify decentralized branches
  • Multiple delivery channel support and integration
  • Multiple language support
  • It removes operational redundancy and improves customer service parameters
  • In-built, rural bank specific report generation
  • Interfacing to RTGS/NEFT payment
  • Direct benefit transfer and enhanced participation in Financial inclusion schemes
  • KYC compliance - signature, photo and biometric identity storing capacity
  • Lowers cost of ownership
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant
Wisebank Enterprise for P.A.C.S

Wisebank Enterprise for PACS (Primary Agricultural Credit Societies) is a unique and effective application to help small credit societies to control day-to-day functionality from a centralized interface. The solution is designed to empower PACS with important business insight, better customer management, product development, branch management from central location and an intuitive user interface. It helps PACS implement standard banking and accounting practices across branches and removes inefficiency.

In designing the application we focused on:

  • Offering centralized solution to the DCCB for policy implementation and monitoring PACS
  • PACS and DCCB central banking solution integration for NABARD approved financial inclusion programs, such as - KCC Rupay Cards
  • Total compliance with CAS and MIS
  • Full audit trial functionality
  • Fast & error free disposal of transactions
  • POS and other delivery channel integration
  • Introducing NEFT and RTGS facilities to bring PACS under Indian Payment System
  • KYC compliance - signature, photo and biometric identity storing capacity
  • Automation of the process of posting and generating vouchers

Understanding the huge cost involved in implementing core banking solution to small banks we have built our solution to be compatible on cloud environment, i.e. we can help PACS to consider their option on a multi-tenant, hosted platform without losing access to critical business data.